Tandem Paragliding

Come and experience the thrill of soaring through the air with a bird’s eye view of Cape Town! For people of all ages & abilities.

In Cape Town, paragliding is mainly done from Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. The paragliding launch site used depends on the wind direction at the time. Sometimes they start flying from Signal Hill and then move across to Lion’s Head as the wind changes throughout the day. 

Tandem paragliding flights vary in duration and it is not possible for us to guarantee a specific flight time due to the changeable nature of the wind and general weather conditions in Cape Town. We only fly in conditions that allow us to launch and land safely. Our tandem paragliding flight instructors (TFIs) are all highly experienced and love to fly. They will always make every effort to give you the longest (up to 30 minutes) and most enjoyable flight possible. In general flights in Cape Town can be anything from about 5-30 minutes in duration. 

Table Mountain National Parks (TMNP) do not allow instructional tandem paragliding flights from Table Mountain, although a few of our passengers have been lucky enough to fly across there with us when weather conditions have allowed.

Price: R1,600 per person (including in-flight photo’s and video)

  • This is the classic Cape Town tandem paragliding experience.
  • We fly from Lions Head or Signal Hill depending on the wind.
  • Flights last anything from 5 up to 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions at the time of the flight.
  • No experience needed.
  • Anyone can fly. (max weight 120kg)
  • Closed shoes and long pants required.
  • After you land, our dedicated shuttle will collect you and your pilot and take you back up to where you started from. Our vehicles are comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned. You can also leave from where we land. We can call you a taxi if you would like to head off somewhere else.